Two Tulsa VHF Machines Moving

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club applied and received approval to move their 145.110 W5IAS machine from downtown Tulsa to a more user friendly site in Southwest Tulsa, they also are moving their 147.045 repeater from Tulsa to Mannford in Creek County, where it will be co-located with their 442.000 repeater. Research of the database by the frequency coordinator showed the move of 145.11 to be a minor change and not cause any problems with any other coordinated repeaters on or near the channel. The move of 147.045 would actually give them a little more clearance on the +15 kHz adjacent channel with the 147.06 in Mayes County. The reason they are moving the 145.11 was due to some administrative problems with management at their former site. The new site will be more shall we say user friendly.