ORSI District Map

ORSI District Region Map

District Representatives are:

  1. OKC - Larry Goodwin Jr., W5LHG (Canadian, Cleveland, and Oklahoma Counties)
  2. Tulsa and ORSI VP/Coordinator - Merlin Griffin, WB5OSM (Creek, Rogers, and Tulsa Counties)
  3. NW and ORSI Treasurer - Jay Kruckenberg, K5GUD
  4. NE and ORSI Secretary Don Poqutte, KE9XB
  5. SW - Vacant
  6. SE - Terry Dalpoas, KM5UQ

ORSI President Duane Henderson KC5NID

The contact page provides a form to send messages to representatives, officers and coordinator.

Dividing lines are I-40 and I-35.
Tulsa includes: Tulsa, Creek and Rogers counties.
Oklahoma City (OKC) includes: Oklahoma, Canadian and Cleveland counties.