The purpose of the Society is

  • To render public service through Amateur Radio, and
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning Amateur radio operation especially in the frequency modulation mode and repeater operation, and
  • To coordinate efforts and establish standards in regard to repeater systems and associated functions, and
  • To associate with groups similarly constituted in order to broaden the scope and function of Amateur Radio as a service in the public interest, convenience or necessity, and
  • To encourage experimentation by the Society members in advanced techniques in the use of repeaters in order that the general technical excellence of repeater systems shall be improved, and
  • To provide a forum for discussion of spectrum utilization and the achievement of maximum compatibility between various users of the Amateur Radio Bands.

Big Cedar Repeater Leflore County gets new trustee and new call.

The 147.375 repeater in Big Cedar, Leflore County in SE OK is coming back on the air, and will operate under the call sign N5CST. While the antenna will only be 100's above the ground, the site is on a steep hill that gives it an HAAT a little above 1000'. The ERP is estimated at 150W Should have awesome coverage. PL tone is 123 Hz and the repeater is open to all.

146.835 WT5EOC/R now open access.

PL tone 103.5 repeater is operated by the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Group. The trustee Joe KE5VNG said that all radio amateurs are welcome to use the machine.

444.075 Okmulgee County

KD5DRW/R Is now fully operational with an 88.5 PL tone and open to all.

Coordinated Repeater Directory for Oklahoma - January 1, 2024

Repeater information was last updated 01-Jan-2024.

The ORSI board voted to list all coordinations, where a trustee requested non-publication, we will only publish the frequency, city, county, coordination date and update dates. Then show it as a closed access repeater.

This Oklahoma database was published here as of 01-Jan-2024. The database is sent to the ARRL for use in their annual edition of the "Repeater Directory" at the start of the year (January). Any updates received afterwards will NOT be published in the ARRL Repeater Directory until the next edition. However, we will continue to update the listings on the ORSI web site periodically during the year.

A n Updated Database to be Posted Soon

I know it has been some time since I updated the repeater listings on the web-site. It's been some time since we had an ORSI meeting. The pandemic curtailed meetings, and we lost our meeting place in Stillwater when the Sirloin Stockade closed down. We may see if we can get some time at Ham Holiday this year. Green Country Hamfest is coming up soon, but they are short on meeting space, so it's usually kind of out there. I will be in attendance there and have the computer with me if you have updates on your repeater systems.

Elk City 444.525 UHF machine to Change PL Tones

The WX5BSA 444.525 repeater near Elk City switched from an 88.5 Hz PL tone to 141.3 Hz. This was at the request of Dan K5FVL who has a repeater on the same frequency at Stillwater which likewise used an 88.5 PL tone. The Stillwater machine is part of the TARC Supersystem which is a network of linked repeaters covering eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. This link system is vital to support the Eastern Oklahoma - Northwest Arkansas Skywarn net. That in turn supports the National Weather Service Forecast Office during severe weather.

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