The purpose of the Society is

  • To render public service through Amateur Radio, and
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning Amateur radio operation especially in the frequency modulation mode and repeater operation, and
  • To coordinate efforts and establish standards in regard to repeater systems and associated functions, and
  • To associate with groups similarly constituted in order to broaden the scope and function of Amateur Radio as a service in the public interest, convenience or necessity, and
  • To encourage experimentation by the Society members in advanced techniques in the use of repeaters in order that the general technical excellence of repeater systems shall be improved, and
  • To provide a forum for discussion of spectrum utilization and the achievement of maximum compatibility between various users of the Amateur Radio Bands.

Green Country Hamfest is April 12-13 2019 in Claremore

The 2019 Green Country Hamfest, ARRL Oklahoma Section Convention will be held April 12-13 2019 back at the Claremore Expo Center. 400 Veterans Parkway in Claremore, Rogers County. Claremore is about a 20 min drive NE of Tulsa. Grand Prize this year will be the Elecraft K3S. Bob Heil of Heil sound, and Jason of Ham Radio 2.0 will be our special guests this year. Besides the grand prize, a very generous prize package again this year. A dual-band DMR/FM HT will be given away just about every hour. Admission is $8.00 in advance $10.00 at the door.

ORSI Needs a Meeting Place This Spring

We went last year without a business meeting. One of the reasons was that our traditional spring meeting location, the Sirloin Stockade in Stillwater shut down. A quick look at Google Maps showed that in early 2018, nothing had taken its place. If you know of some eating establishment in Central Oklahoma, say OKC, Stillwater, Guthrie, or maybe Edmond, that has a meeting room we could use, please let us know. Stillwater was a great location, because it's about halfway between OKC and Tulsa.

Some Surrounding States Starting to Put Repeaters on What Were Simplex Frequencies

We've recently received some clearance requests from AR and I believe MO to clear repeaters on frequencies like 145.45. Which have traditionally been used for FM simplex. I believe they are using these frequencies for some of the digital audio modes, such as DMR. They might be simplex DMR hot spots, since 145.5 to 146.0 is reserved for amateur satellite operations. Otherwise they may be using a + offset. I'm not sure how this works.

Coordinated Repeater Directory for Oklahoma - December 3, 2018

Repeater information was last updated 03-Dec-2018.

The ORSI board voted to list all coordinations, where a trustee requested non-publication, we will only publish the frequency, city, county, coordination date and update dates. Then show it as a closed access repeater.

This Oklahoma database was published here as of 03-Dec-2018. The database is sent to the ARRL for use in their annual edition of the "Repeater Directory" at the start of the year (January). Any updates received afterwards will NOT be published in the ARRL Repeater Directory until the next edition. However, we will continue to update the listings on the ORSI web site periodically during the year.

W5HTK 145.29 On the Air From New Site

The Enid ARC moved their 145.29 machine to a 250' tower located near Goltry, OK. northwest of Enid. Solid mobile coverage from Harper Kansas on the north, to south of Watonga, to Waynoka on the west, and east to Ponca City. May be usable in Perry for mobiles. The PL tone is 141.3.

TARC's 442.000 @ Mannford in Tulsa District to change frequency

The 442.000 at Mannford will move to 442.8 soon. This will still be part of the TARC Supersystem and will still be accessed using an 88.5 PL Tone. The reason given is that many of the Chinese made transceivers, for example Baofeng, have a receiver birdie right at 442.000 MHz. Making it difficult to tell if the frequency was actually in use. Since the Supersystem is used for Skywarn and ARES purposes, it is important that everything works properly. 442.8 was very clear at those coordinates in Oklahoma, and we received clearance for the change from Arkansas and Missouri.

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