We are in the process of contacting trustees whose repeaters had a status of OPERATIONAL at the last update. We have been concentrating on the SE District and that part of the project is nearly complete. I am now turning my attention to the NE District. However, you don't have to wait for us to send you a letter or an email as I am doing in some cases. You may use the on-line update tool here on the web page, or you can simply drop an email to the coordinator and let me know of any changes to your system, or one that says your system is still on that air, and nothing has changed.

As we have stated previously ORSI members approved a change in procedures that now coordination holders need to renew or update their coordination information with us at least every three years or when there is a significant change to your contact information or system. We recently sent letters out concerning repeaters that had expired construction permits, a status of down for repair, and/or Unknown. We these we provided SASE's for you to return the form to us in, or you may respond using the update by email form provided on this web site. If you have already updated your repeater or just put in on the air in 2012. Then you are good until 2015. For repeaters with a status of OPERATIONAL in the database, we have not yet sent out renewal notices. At this time we do not plan to send SASE's with these notices, we strongly encourage you to update these using the web site or just drop an email to the coordinator. Also if an ORSI officer has personal knowledge about a system they can let the coordinator know and help keep the database up to date.

An example of the latter, is your coordinator Merlin WB5OSM helped his local club with a public service event that used several different repeaters in Eastern and Central Oklahoma during the month of September. So I know for a fact that these machines are on the air and operating and have noted that in the database. Now still we need to know about changes in trustees' call signs, mailing address, email address, and etc. Also we need to be advised any time there is a change of trustee for a system.