ORSI Membership Voted for Mandatory Updates of Frequency Coordination Every Three Years

The problem of "paper" repeaters plagues all frequency coordinators everywhere. We have reviewed the policies of most of the surrounding states. Some require annual renewal, but we decided to be more laid back like our sister society over with our great neighbors to the East, Arkansas. Where they call for triennial renewals. We are going to make this easier than ever. We will still send out update request forms where needed, but as our web-master WD5M announced, we will have a user-friendly on-line do it yourself update form. Where you can quickly and easily let us know about any changes in your systems status or operating parameters. Now if you want to make a significant change in location, say more than 10 kilometers, or in operating frequency, then you must undergo the coordination process again. You may also use the on-line form or just send an email to the coordinator saying your machine(s) are still up an running. If there is a change in ownership of a repeater, we would like to see some evidence that this is a mutual agreement between the two trustees. In the case of club owned machines, they may change the contact person or trustee of the club's repeaters at their discretion.

We will be making a strong effort to get the database up to date and eliminate paper repeaters as much as possible. Failure to respond to our update requests may result in your pair subject to your pair being considered abandoned. We have already revoked one pair in the Tulsa metro area due to the trustee failing to respond to multiple emails, and then failed to respond to hard copy requests for update sent by U. S. Mail. Finally amateurs in the area could not find any evidence of a repeater operating on that frequency. Also looking at the area where the repeater was coordinated using Google Earth and MapQuest showed no sign of an antenna or tower. In fact it appeared to be a residential area where such things are prohibited. Which was verified by an amateur that worked for the cable TV company that served the area where the repeater was supposed to be located.

We are currently working through repeaters with a status of "Down Temporarily" After this we will most likely go after those with expired construction permits.

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