TARC's 442.000 @ Mannford in Tulsa District to change frequency

The 442.000 at Mannford will move to 442.8 soon. This will still be part of the TARC Supersystem and will still be accessed using an 88.5 PL Tone. The reason given is that many of the Chinese made transceivers, for example Baofeng, have a receiver birdie right at 442.000 MHz. Making it difficult to tell if the frequency was actually in use. Since the Supersystem is used for Skywarn and ARES purposes, it is important that everything works properly. 442.8 was very clear at those coordinates in Oklahoma, and we received clearance for the change from Arkansas and Missouri. We haven't heard back from the Kansas Coordinator, but their on-line directory showed the nearest 442.8 in Kansas was over 250 miles from the Mannford site.

We have 442.000 as an SNP channel west of I-35 and this will allow short ranged repeaters to go in on this channel in the eastern part of the state as well. In fact there is a proposal for a C4FM repeater local coverage, digital only to go in in the central part of the state. It would be on a 50' tower at the trustee's home.