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ORSI has Learned that Rick K5RWX is now a Silent Key

In attempting to update his repeater listings we learned of his passing. He had coordinated some pairs in the last few years. The construction permit issued for a system on 443.125 in Caddo county is cancelled. Another system he was involved with was taken over by Bryan K5GSM.

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, A Change of Plans

I met with officials from TARC this weekend, and they have decided that they will go ahead and keep their 145.11 pair and put it back on the air from the site they coordinated slightly SW of its old location in downtown Tulsa. They lost access to the original site because of an irreconcilable dispute with the site manager. Which is getting to be a familiar story in the Tulsa Metro Area.

New information concerning Lincoln County Repeater Systems updated 6/17/2012

We are granting a construction permit to KC5NIC to place a FM repeater transmitting on 146.835 MHz PL 100.0 in Prague (Lincoln county). He will also be putting a repeater operating on 443.375 from the same site.

KD5JIM trustee for NORA now SK

ORSI has learned that the trustee for Northern Oklahoma Radio Amateurs, NORA; Jim Welch KD5JIM has become a silent key. Mr. John Schlosser W5GFI has stepped up to take over as the trustee and point of contact for their repeaters. They are located in Vinita, Craig county in our NE district. They also agreed to sell their 146.73 repeater and transfer the pair to another group. They will maintain control and operation of the long established 147.36 in Craig county as well as their 444.375 repeater.


Duane Henderson KC5NID of Mooreland from our NW District stepped up an agreed to serve as our president, replacing Scott Baker WA5A of Edmond who has served admirably for the last several years. Duane is former president of Tri-State Amateur Radio Group, and has served on various boards and committees. So he is no stranger to leadersip roles inside and outside of amateur radio. I am sure we will hear much more from him in the future. He is a close known associate of our NW District Officer Jay K5GUD, we won't hold that against him. Although I think Jay probably warned him.

ORSI Membership Voted for Mandatory Updates of Frequency Coordination Every Three Years

The problem of "paper" repeaters plagues all frequency coordinators everywhere. We have reviewed the policies of most of the surrounding states. Some require annual renewal, but we decided to be more laid back like our sister society over with our great neighbors to the East, Arkansas. Where they call for triennial renewals. We are going to make this easier than ever. We will still send out update request forms where needed, but as our web-master WD5M announced, we will have a user-friendly on-line do it yourself update form.

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