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Bartlesville area gets a repeater on 927.650

Bob W5RAB put a repeater running narrow band FM on the frequency 927.65 input 902.650, Another machine on the same frequency will be established soon in the Muckogee area by Joe WA5VMS. Even though the two will be close together, since the two trustees are working together and the 900 band is lightly used anyway, ORSI will let them work out the details themselves.

Change MADE to TARC Supersystem

Bob W5RAB who maintains some of the repeaters in the TARC link system told us that two of their repeaters were interfering with each other. Their McAlester and Bartlesville nodes are on the same frequency 444.975 MHz and for technical reasons on the same PL tone. While they should be far enough apart to share the channel, the McAlester link is on high terrain. So after checking with the surrounding states, the plan is to swap frequencies between a repeater in Pawhuska and the one in Bartlesville.

Welcome back to the air W5IAS 145.11 88.5 PL Tulsa WA5LVT 146.94 in late testing phase as of mid December

Both of these Tulsa machines have been off the air for quite some time due mainly to disputes with site managers. An all too common problem in the Tulsa area. The 145.11 machine for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club W5IAS has been rebuilt and is on the air from a new site in West Tulsa. It can be put on their link system on demand, but will mostly operate as a free standing repeater.

The Tulsa Repeater Organization WA5LVT, is completing a rebuild of their 146.940 repeater and it is slated to go on the air from a site in downtown Tulsa once final testing and tweaking are completed.

Welcome to the air KF5RDI/R 146.865 Perry and N5NHU 145.41 near Poteau

The KF5RDI repeater 146.865 PL 141.3 Noble County NE District is now operational. It belongs to the Noble County Storm Watch Group. If you are in the are try it out.

The new N5NHU repeater 145.410 -600 88.5 PL located on a high elevation near Poteau in Leflore County SE district. Right now they are operating off a 1/2 mag-mount antenna, but we calculate their HAAT at almost 1900 ft. So even a rubber duckie mounted on a fence post should do great.

Trustee of Edmond Amateur Radio Society Repeaters WD5FHR now SK; Gary AE5GS assuming duties.

ORSI has learned of the passing of Mr. Lionel Mize WD5FHR, who was the trustee of the EARS KE5OK repeaters on 147.135 and 443.425. Mr. Gary Stillman AE5GS is taking his place, and the machines will continue operating as usual. We pass along our condolences to Mr. Mize's family and friends.

ORSI Mailing Log

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