The purpose of the Society is

  • To render public service through Amateur Radio, and
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning Amateur radio operation especially in the frequency modulation mode and repeater operation, and
  • To coordinate efforts and establish standards in regard to repeater systems and associated functions, and
  • To associate with groups similarly constituted in order to broaden the scope and function of Amateur Radio as a service in the public interest, convenience or necessity, and
  • To encourage experimentation by the Society members in advanced techniques in the use of repeaters in order that the general technical excellence of repeater systems shall be improved, and
  • To provide a forum for discussion of spectrum utilization and the achievement of maximum compatibility between various users of the Amateur Radio Bands.

Two Tulsa VHF Machines Moving

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club applied and received approval to move their 145.110 W5IAS machine from downtown Tulsa to a more user friendly site in Southwest Tulsa, they also are moving their 147.045 repeater from Tulsa to Mannford in Creek County, where it will be co-located with their 442.000 repeater. Research of the database by the frequency coordinator showed the move of 145.11 to be a minor change and not cause any problems with any other coordinated repeaters on or near the channel.

New repeaters: 145.25 in Harrah is now on 145.15, a new 444.3 near Davis, 146.79 in Edmond and 145.19 Clinton

The K5UV repeater in Harrah, OK is now operating on 145.15 MHz. Since it is still below 100' HAAT ORSI reserves the right to put another 145.15 less than 90 miles from it. Also if you are near Davis (greater Ardmore) area check out KC5LBP/R on 443.00 +5 PL l00.0. Then we just received an update on the W5RLW/5 146.79 -.6 Pl 100.0 in Edmond (OKC). We also welcome to the airwaves KE5RRK 145.19 Clinton.


Mid-Oklahoma Repeater inc.has transferred control of all of their repeaters to the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club. Steve AE5OU is the trustee, all of these repeaters are operating under the W5PAA call sign. ORSI frequency coordinator Merlin WB5OSM is working with MMACARC officials to get their repeater data up to date in the ORSI database.

Overdue Construction Permits

Repeater Call Sign AREA Output Input TRUSTEE SPONSOR County City Coordination Date Expiration Date Last Update CTCSS Trustee First Name Trustee Last Name Comment
K5RWX SW 443.1250 448.1250 K5rwx K5RWX Caddo Washita 5/19/2007 9/16/2007 5/20/2007 114.8 Rick Whitman  
KE5EQX OKC 444.9500 449.9500 KE5EQX KE5EQX Oklahoma Wheatland 3/19/2006 7/17/2006 3/22/2006 123.0 Sean Carl Lost all contact with Trustee
K5SRC NE 224.9000 223.3000 WD0CTA SARC Payne Stillwater 10/10/2008 2/7/2009 10/10/2008   Mike Veldman  
K5NIC SE 443.3750 448.3750 K5NIC K5NIC Pottawatomie Shawnee 9/10/2007 1/8/2008 4/27/2010 141.3 James Lytle Tested then went down possibly struck by lightining. Possible move to another location. Status changing to PROPOSED pending new coordinates.
KD5SKS OKC 442.2000 447.2000 KD5SKS KD5SKS Logan Edmond 11/28/2008 3/28/2009 4/27/2010 123.0 Tyler Tassone tested but went down status changed to DOWN TEMP

Updates received.

Several updates have now been received. Some of these listings on the Overdue Construction permit list now need to be removed. Will get this done very soon. Thanks to those trustees that have responded so far.

Efforts to update Oklahoma Repeater Database are ongoing

Repeater Trustees or contact persons, If you recently received an update request packet in the mail or email, please respond to it asap. Even if you received it by hard copy, you may respond by electronic means. ORSI officers, this includes you. Still awaiting responses from KS5B, K5GUD, and WK5Y. I've heard from N5KNU, W5RAB, and WA5A thanks.

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