The purpose of the Society is

  • To render public service through Amateur Radio, and
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning Amateur radio operation especially in the frequency modulation mode and repeater operation, and
  • To coordinate efforts and establish standards in regard to repeater systems and associated functions, and
  • To associate with groups similarly constituted in order to broaden the scope and function of Amateur Radio as a service in the public interest, convenience or necessity, and
  • To encourage experimentation by the Society members in advanced techniques in the use of repeaters in order that the general technical excellence of repeater systems shall be improved, and
  • To provide a forum for discussion of spectrum utilization and the achievement of maximum compatibility between various users of the Amateur Radio Bands.

Welcome to the air KF5RDI/R 146.865 Perry and N5NHU 145.41 near Poteau

The KF5RDI repeater 146.865 PL 141.3 Noble County NE District is now operational. It belongs to the Noble County Storm Watch Group. If you are in the are try it out.

The new N5NHU repeater 145.410 -600 88.5 PL located on a high elevation near Poteau in Leflore County SE district. Right now they are operating off a 1/2 mag-mount antenna, but we calculate their HAAT at almost 1900 ft. So even a rubber duckie mounted on a fence post should do great.

Trustee of Edmond Amateur Radio Society Repeaters WD5FHR now SK; Gary AE5GS assuming duties.

ORSI has learned of the passing of Mr. Lionel Mize WD5FHR, who was the trustee of the EARS KE5OK repeaters on 147.135 and 443.425. Mr. Gary Stillman AE5GS is taking his place, and the machines will continue operating as usual. We pass along our condolences to Mr. Mize's family and friends.

ORSI Mailing Log

See how we are progressing on renewals, and how much it costs to chase some of them down.


We are in the process of contacting trustees whose repeaters had a status of OPERATIONAL at the last update. We have been concentrating on the SE District and that part of the project is nearly complete. I am now turning my attention to the NE District. However, you don't have to wait for us to send you a letter or an email as I am doing in some cases. You may use the on-line update tool here on the web page, or you can simply drop an email to the coordinator and let me know of any changes to your system, or one that says your system is still on that air, and nothing has changed.

W5WJL Dempsey Coop Trustee of 146.625 @ Wilburton Now SK

ORSI has just learned of the passing of Dempsey W5WJL the trustee of the 146.625 repeater in Wilburton, Latimer County, SE District.

ORSI has Learned that Rick K5RWX is now a Silent Key

In attempting to update his repeater listings we learned of his passing. He had coordinated some pairs in the last few years. The construction permit issued for a system on 443.125 in Caddo county is cancelled. Another system he was involved with was taken over by Bryan K5GSM.

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