W5WJL Dempsey Coop Trustee of 146.625 @ Wilburton Now SK

ORSI has just learned of the passing of Dempsey W5WJL the trustee of the 146.625 repeater in Wilburton, Latimer County, SE District.

First we pass along our sympathy to his friends and family. We also understand that the repeater has been off the air for a while. Of course a repeater cannot be operated by a silent key. We do not know if any of his family members are licensed amateurs. At this point in time if someone wants to step up and put a repeater on the air in Wilburton we would gladly coordinate the 146.625 pair to them. If no one steps up to do this within 60 days, we will consider the pair to be abandoned, and it will go back in the frequency pool.