New information concerning Lincoln County Repeater Systems updated 6/17/2012

We are granting a construction permit to KC5NIC to place a FM repeater transmitting on 146.835 MHz PL 100.0 in Prague (Lincoln county). He will also be putting a repeater operating on 443.375 from the same site.

ORSI has learned that the 147.36 repeater @ Chandler (Lincoln County & Formerly KP2CP/R) never went away. With Leon's passing the plan was to transfer the tower and repeater to Lincoln County EM. Along with a 70 CM repeater at the same site. This got tied up in some legal hassle concerning Leon's estate. This was very recently resolved, and Leon Matula's KP2CP/SK estate, will proceed to transfer the tower and both repeaters to Lincoln county EM.

Meanwhile we will attempt to coordinate 146.235/146.835 to Jay K5NIC for operation in Prague also in Lincoln County. We have already approved of his moving 443.375 from the Shawnee area to Prague. These machines will be on a 190 ft tower that should be constructed in Prague by the end of the summer. He plans to put them on the air soon from a temporary mast or tower "as high as he can" while waiting for the permanent structure to be built.