KD5JIM trustee for NORA now SK

ORSI has learned that the trustee for Northern Oklahoma Radio Amateurs, NORA; Jim Welch KD5JIM has become a silent key. Mr. John Schlosser W5GFI has stepped up to take over as the trustee and point of contact for their repeaters. They are located in Vinita, Craig county in our NE district. They also agreed to sell their 146.73 repeater and transfer the pair to another group. They will maintain control and operation of the long established 147.36 in Craig county as well as their 444.375 repeater. We will be updating their information in the database very soon, and working with the new owners of the 146.73 machine to get it fully coordinated.

On behalf of ORSI I wish to extend my sympathy to NORA, and Mr. Welch's family and friends on his passing.

Merlin WB5OSM
Frequency Coordinator