KM5SB now on the air 145.17 in Soper Choctaw County

We received official and final clearance from the Texas VHF-FM Society to put this repeater on 145.17. So it is now fully operational with a 114.8 PL Tone. If you are in extreme Southern Oklahoma, or far North Texas, feel free to check it out.

Earler we reported that a new two meter machine on 145.13 -600 88.5 PL tone KM5SB near Soper Oklahoma in Choctaw County is scheduled to go on the air early the week of April 11, 2011. When the trustee put the machine on the air, he immediately ran into an interference problem with another 145.13 near Ivanhoe, Tx. which is only about 25-30 miles from Soper. We had done due diligence and received the all clear from Texas VHF-FM society before granting this coordination. It turned out that these guys in Texas had received a construction permit from Texas VHF-FM about six months ago. Which their construction permits are only good for six months. After that it is not clear what happened, but the NE Texas VHF coordinator didn't pick up this conflict when I made an inquiry. Also if I did an NOPC on that one, I don't remember it. My usual procedure is when I receive a request from another coordinator I add it to my database just like I am coordinating it. I usually put it under the call sign of the coordinator asking for NOPC. Bottom line is this 145.13 won't work at Soper, and we are now taking a serious look at 145.17. Just waiting to get the official word from Texas. Choctaw county is more of a problem for them, than us.

Merlin Griffin WB5OSM
VP and Frequency Coordinator ORSI