A n Updated Database to be Posted Soon

I know it has been some time since I updated the repeater listings on the web-site. It's been some time since we had an ORSI meeting. The pandemic curtailed meetings, and we lost our meeting place in Stillwater when the Sirloin Stockade closed down. We may see if we can get some time at Ham Holiday this year. Green Country Hamfest is coming up soon, but they are short on meeting space, so it's usually kind of out there. I will be in attendance there and have the computer with me if you have updates on your repeater systems. One of the things that's happened is my computer I kept the database on went down, and the tech that retrieved the data for me grabbed an slightly outdated version of the database. So there was some loss of data. So I will publish it as soon as I get finished with some updates for the Enid ARC, and an update request and a request for a pair for a new digital voice repeater in Okmulgee County just came in. It will mostly be a DMR machine on the TGIF network, but capable of D-Star, YSF, and NXDN too. Also we welcome to the air a new two meter repeater neat Edmond

Merlin WB5OSM