Not Enough in Attendance at the Enid Hamfest for a Quorum

We are sorry we couldn't get the word out any better or earlier. Since we lost our meeting place in Stillwater and the Green Country Hamfest moving to April things got a little disorganized. Apparently the old Sirloin Stockade in Stillwater is being bull-dozed to become a new Taco Bell for Stillwater. What a downgrade! Over here in Tulsa an iconic hamburger joint, Arnold's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, a fixture in West Tulsa for decades, is being bull-dozed for new Taco Bell. However, West Tulsa could not do without their Arnolds, so the owner was offered a new location a few blocks away. We understand they are doing a great business in their new home. It was supposed to be temporary, but they said they kept all their regular customers and gained some new ones. Therefore this is their new permanent home.

Getting back to repeaters and ham-radio. We will try our best to have a Spring Meeting, either in late March or late April. Probably in the Central Part of the state. We will let you know once a meeting site is located. One option is to make it part of the Oklahoma City Hamfest, but we will first seek and independent site and date. Two things we really need to do, is elect officers, especially for the SE and SW districts, where we currently have vacancies. We do have someone expressing interest in being the SE Director.

Some have asked about paying dues: There are two p.o. boxes you can send them to:

ORSI Treasurer
PO Box 862
Mooreland, OK 73852-0862


P. O. box 512
Owasso, OK 74055-0512