Welcome the Following Repeaters to the Air in Oklahoma (Updated)

KE5GLC 443.975 Ada PL 114.8 is now fully operational according to the Pontotoc County Amateur Radio Association.

N5KNU 442.5 in Edmond (OKC District) is now a DMR repeater Color Code 1, on a 400' tower should have great coverage.

W4NFD 443.125 in Porum another new DMR machine linked into the Chicago Land C-Bridge, which has many repeaters on it, Color Code 1. Right now only about 80' HAAT, but the trustee says he is trying to get a taller tower for it.

KG5RYY 146.925 Tishomingo,Johnston County in SE Oklahoma, a system Fusion machine, operated by Johnston County EM, 141.3 PL tone when running analog FM, right now not sure if it does C4FM. 118 FT HAAT should provide reliable coverage to most of Johnston County. May be operating under a new call sign N5JBT trustee requested and received a vanity call sign from the FCC.

147.375 PL 123 Big Cedar also Known as the Three Sticks machine is back on the air, and now sponsored by LeFlore County EM. Should be an awesome repeater at 1000' HAAT.

A couple of new 222 machines are coming to NE OK. One in Southern Tulsa County and one in Osage County. We will announce when they make it on the air.