Logan County W5IAS Repeater in the Guthrie Area to Change Frequencies.

The W5IAS repeater near Guthrie will move from 443.25 to 443.925 MHz still with an 88.5 PL tone. The change was fully approved on 3/21/2017, and will be made on or about 3/25. The move is being made due to some harmful interference they were experiencing on their input frequency. There seemed to be some unlicensed operators talking to each other on the input frequency. The control operator Dan K5FVL said he was not sure if they were even aware they keying up the repeater. The unlicensed operators are believe to be in the Guthrie area, but the machine is on a four hundred ft. tower, so it's hard to say where they are.

This repeater is part of the W5IAS Super System, a network of repeaters linked together, covering from NE OKC to Coffeeville, to Fayetteville, to Ft. Smith, down to Paris, Texas. With Tulsa at the heart and many points in between. The system is primarily for the support of Skywarn and ARES/RACES operations in Eastern Oklahoma and NW and West Central Arkansas. It may be used for rag chews and other informal operation when no emergency or severe weather is happening. For more information about the Super System go to the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club's Web site http://w5ias.com