K5GSM/R 442.3 near Granite has moved to Fay (near Watonga) and is now on 442.375

Trustee Brian K5GSM acquired a spot on a tower at the new QTH, but was slightly too close to another machine in the NW district, so we coordinated a new pair and the machine is now on the air from the Blaine county site operating on 447.375 RX/442.375 TX from an HAAT of 492 FT, and an effective radiated power of about 300 watts. The machine is linked to the 145.11 near Alfalfa in Caddo county which in turn is linked to 145.410 in OKC in order to help with Skywarn and emergency operations in NW Oklahoma. The 145.410 in OKC is operated by radio amateurs connected with the State EOC and the repeater is used by the Norman Office of the National Weather Service during time of severe weather in central and western parts of the state. Coverage estimates look like it provides solid coverage for typical mobile operation to Enid, maybe even touching the Kansas state line to the north and NE Guthrie,Edmond and OKC to the east and SE. Solid southern coverage along I-40 to its south including Weatherford, Clinton, and Elk City to the SW, with sporadic or marginal coverage of Chickasha, Anadarko, and Hobart. To the west it doesn't quite reach the Texas State line Then extending NW to near, but maybe not quite to Woodward. Summing up the mobile coverage estimates, basically Oklahoma west of I-35, from I-40 north to hwy 412, but not normally making it to the Texas or Oklahoma panhandles. Looks like a great machine. It is open to all radio amateurs, but does require the use of a 162.2 PL tone.