Change MADE to TARC Supersystem

Bob W5RAB who maintains some of the repeaters in the TARC link system told us that two of their repeaters were interfering with each other. Their McAlester and Bartlesville nodes are on the same frequency 444.975 MHz and for technical reasons on the same PL tone. While they should be far enough apart to share the channel, the McAlester link is on high terrain. So after checking with the surrounding states, the plan is to swap frequencies between a repeater in Pawhuska and the one in Bartlesville. So the Bartlesville (Washington County NE District) node on the Supersystem is now on 444.425 PL 88.5 and 444.975 moved to Pawhuska (Osage County) with a PL tone change to 167.9. It is now operating as a standalone repeater and not part of the network.