Content related to ORSI repeater coordination activity.

Revised Abandoned pair procedure


Abandoned pair procedure: Adopted by ORSI membership during fall 2008 meeting.


Some of you have changed your mailing address

Some of you have changed your mailing address, please email us with an update of that. If we have too much trouble tracking you down, it could jeopardize your coordination.

Merlin Griffin WB5OSM
Frequency Coordinator
Oklahoma Repeater Society inc.

Dues should be mailed to

ORSI Treasurer
PO Box 7914
Edmond OK

Please note

New coordination, unless on 145.25, will only be protected for 90 miles, and must use coordinated PL tones. Meaning, we will guide the repeater trustee in PL selection, so that adjacent repeaters will not use the same PL tone. 145.25 remains as the shared-non protected pair on two meters. We are working on some SNP pairs on 70 CM.

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