Repeater Information Update Request

A general information change request for a single coordinated repeater record to be submitted by the trustee. Refer to coordination guidelines for more information. Your request will be sent to the coordinator, and a copy will be sent to your email address.

What is Your Name? Who is sending this request? Normally, you should be the repeater trustee.

What is Your Email Address? We will use your email address only to contact you regarding your request.

What is Your Callsign?

Please provide a phone number to contact you directly in case of questions or for confirmation.

Mailing Address

This is for postal mail, NOT FOR REPEATER LOCATION.


Please identify the repeater record to be updated by its output frequency.

What is the repeater call sign currently in the database for this request? Please identify the repeater record to be updated by its current database call sign.

Provide a NEW repeater call sign, if applicable.


Provide the height above ground level (AGL) for the transmitter antenna. The Coordinator will convert this value to Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) from the repeater geographic coordinates.

Provide a web site link or email for this repeater, if any. Please provide the full web URL that a web browser would open.

Special Features

Select a CTCSS (PL) tone.

Select False (Closed) Access if the repeater has a restricted access policy.

Select True if this repeater has a telephone interconnect autopatch feature.

Select True if this repeater has a closed or restricted access telephone patch?

Select True if this repeater is used for SKYWARN weather spotter communications?

Select Linked if this repeater is part of a system of interconnected or linked repeaters?

Select True to prevent this repeater from being published in the ARRL repeater directory.

Any other message for the coordinator?